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Excellent decision-making and strategy execution made simple with StratDo™
StratDo™ ensures all work in your organisation contributes to your strategy. Your one-stop strategy implementation solution
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StratDo™ strategy implementation tool

Bring your strategy to life! Make it real with StratDo™

Streamline and grow your business – align all your work to your strategy.


Collaboration and alignment. Total transparency.

Collaboration and alignment made easy.

StratDo™'s strategy implementation tools all in one place
Your strategy in one location

All your work in one place.

All your plans, tasks, KPIs and objectives in one place. Seamless integration.


Combining Agile and Project Management

Planning, tracking and delivering your work has never been easier.

StratDo™ combines Agile and Project management to plan, track and deliver so your projects finish efficiently

The StratDo™ Difference

StratDo™ implements high security to keep your data safe


Are you concerned about the integrity of your data? Don’t be. StratDo™ uses the latest security systems and processes to protect your business.

StratDo™ seamlessly integrates into multiple software solutions


Is all your work spread across multiple systems?  StratDo™ will seamlessly integrate with other software solutions so transferring to StratDo™ is easy.

StratDo™ makes Agile and Project Management easy

Project management and agile

Do you wonder when to use traditional Project Management or Agile? StratDo™ is designed for both. You can use them independently or together on the same project.

StratDo™ includes Proprietary planning and implementation tools

Proprietary planning and implementation tools

What is the process you use to develop your plans/strategy today? Do you know?  The StratDo™ proprietary DECIDE planning tool ensures you make better quality decisions faster.

StratDo™ will produce your strategy or plan on a page for you

Strategy on a page

Do you spend days developing your strategy on a page?  No more! StratDo™ will produce your strategy or plan on a page for you. You can choose what to put into the plan on a page and it updates in real-time.

StratDo™ makes planning easy by having all tasks in one place

All your tasks in one place

Want to have all your tasks in one place? StratDo™ does the hard work for you and shows all your tasks in one list. Want more? Double click and all the task information is right there.

All your tasks in your hand

StratDo™ app gives you the power to run projects from your pocket.

StratDo™ in your pocket, Our mobile app is a powerful extension to the desktop application
REKONDECIDE™ 6 step methodology

One simple, scalable and proven decision-making process for your organisation

Creating the right strategy has never been easier! The REKON DECIDE™ 6 step methodology is a robust, powerful tool for your business.

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