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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to StratDo™ ?
    To get a subscription contact our sales team at:

  • How is StratDo™ different to other software?
    StratDo™ is the first software solution designed specifically for Strategy implementation. The work that you do in your business today IS your strategy being implemented. StratDo™ creates the link between high-level planning and implementation. To do this you need simple, scalable, flexible decision-making, and project management tools. StratDo™ provides all these.
  • Can I get help using StratDo™?
    Definitely! Once you have a subscription you will also get a login to our online resources page. Here you will be able to access step-by-step instructions to help you use StratDo™.
  • Can I use StratDo™ for project management?
    Yes! StratDo™ is designed to support both traditional project management using GANTT charts and Agile project management using Kanban. They can be used alone or together for the same project using our user friendly split screen function.
  • Is StratDo™ designed for large or small business?
    Both!! StratDo™ was designed so to implement strategies for large and small businesses. The user settings allow you to share as much or as little information as you want. As a CEO you can see ALL the work being done in your business in one place. Individuals will only see the projects or work that they need to. Changing visibility of tasks is as simple as ticking a box.
  • Has StratDo™ been proven to work in a business?

    Yes!! StratDo™ has been used successfully in many organizations with great success. The most common feedback we receive is that StratDo™ focuses the team on only doing the work required to implement the strategy/plan. It streamlines the organization and cuts down wasteful work significantly.
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